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All Saints Tutoring- Beginning in September each Monday students are able to sign up for 1-1 tutoring with All Saints Community volunteers. This is a wonderful program. Please see Mrs. Frontino our community assistant for more information.

Innovation Club- 3-5 grade GATE students and other interested students are invited to attend Innovation Club that is run by parents and community volunteers. The curriculum uses Curiosity Machine’s on-line curriculum to learn about a variety of topics and then to work on hands-on projects.

Lego Engineers- Playwell Lego Engineering is a fee-based after school enrichment program that meets on Monday afternoon. Students will use legos to build and create robotics using their own designs.

Running Club- Students are invited to run every morning from 7:30-7:45 before school begins. If students are interested in running parents need to sign a permission slip and then each students will be given a chain to hold their feet. A student earns a foot for every 10 miles they run. Parents run this club, so if you are interested in helping please let the office know.

STEAM Club- STEAM Club is a parent volunteer organization that highlights different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics through quarterly STEAM evening events. For more information or to volunteer please email Anusha Iyengar at

Other Clubs- If you are a parent interested in starting a new club please contact the principal, Ms. Maricela Brambila at or 626.396.5690